What Our Clients Say

coach rod

Coach Rod

"I'm a Muay Thai Head Coach and fighter so my body takes a toll day in and day out. Recovery is just as important as the actual training so I make sure I go see the best. Isaac has a ton of knowledge and experience especially in the athletic field. Not only does he give excellent service but he also gave me a solid program to improve my defeciency's to make me a better fighter and coach. And to top it off not only do you get first class treatment you also get to experience Isaac's one of a kind personality."

Muay Thai Fighter

Brett K

Brett K.

“Playing basketball everyday takes a toll on my body. This is where T3 Recovery comes in. Isaac is the best at what he does and I highly recommend T3 Recovery. I've had an exceptional expierence with T3 Recovery as any pain I expierence from playing is worked on and fixed by Isaac.”

basketball player

Kim k

Kim K.

“As a jiu jitsu athlete, I give my body a good run for it’s money day in and day out. Last year when I was dealing with some lower back and neck pain, I knew I wanted to see a professional that I could trust with healing my injuries correctly and getting me back to feeling good for training and competition. Isaac not only performed various therapies for my muscles to help them heal, but he was also very patient with my millions of questions. Thank you Isaac!”

Jiu Jitsu Athlete

Coach Kat

Coach Kat

"T3 Recovery helped me recover from my ankle injury, to my quad injury and in general, getting me ready for my soccer tryout. Not only does Isaac help you physically but also helps you mentally, when you most need it when coming back from an injury. All this time I thought that an injury was going to set me back, but Isaac did everything to help me get back on my feet. I recommend T3 Recovery to anyone who is looking to seek treatment it will be the best treatment there is out there!"

Soccer Player


Dan V.

"T3 recovery has been an extreme advantage for me on the field. As a quarterback I’ve had lots of shoulder, hip, and back pain. Not only does Isaac fix the pain but he tells you why the pain could be occurring and what exercises to do in the future to prevent pain so you can perform again."

Football Player